Aug 15, 2008

Avatar @ Comic Con

I hope you already knew Michelle and I are nerds.

Aug 14, 2008

Fun with white Prismacolor, and more!

Jake's awesomeness made me want to play with white pencil on toned paper.

Or on this case, white pencil on whitish paper that's been marker'd black.

Nothing too special, but it was fun. Lightning on the savannah! :O

And here's some Comic-Con drawred stuff I haven't blog'd yet!

I picked up a copy of Mouse Guard: Fall 1152, finally. And then threw some Redwall characters into the Mouse Guard style because it's really fun to draw. Yeah, I'm cool. :P

This saber is ticked off because RAWR faces are also fun to draw.

I purchased a water brush a couple weeks ago. This was part of my "hrm, what can I do with this thing?" playtime.