Aug 29, 2009

sketchbook update!

I'll start off with this drawing I made of the Hinckley building while waiting for the fireworks on July 4. Yay... not avoiding drawing architecture!

The rest of these are my favorites from the two zoo trips I took in August. They have FOSSA (pronounced "foosa") as the temp exhibit now, you guys. They are like a mix between cougars and weasels and they are AWESOME.


baby giraffe and cheetah

birds and a sloth

The little jubilant "me" in there is happy because I'd never seen the red panda awake before.

This tiger knows he is a fine beast.

Aug 21, 2009

100th post?

That's a lot of posts! It's so crazy!

And it's been forever since my last post, geez. Wanna see the holdup?

It's my storyboard from Ryan's class this past semester! 8|

It took so freakin' long to post because as I timed it out in video form, I noticed more and more things that were wrong with it. Which made me less and less motivated to finish, but eventually I decided I'd just post it and move on. I'll have to suck less on my next one, though I did do better at pulling out the camera this time. *sigh*

Also I have a sketch page of the little hurt snail I took in a week or so ago. His shell is thickening back up, actually, so I can release him before I leave for Ohio on Sunday. And stop snickering, Jake and Anthony, I can hear you from here. >:|

That's all for now, though I do tend to catch up on all my summer sketching now that I've finally thrown out that storyboard as promised. Looks like all my dA links broke too somehow, dagnabbit.