Sep 26, 2008

Click on the image for animation WIP!

See that link on the side of my blog that says "Lackadaisy"? If you've never been there, the above animation will not be nearly as enjoyable to you. And you have my pity for that. :'|

This is also a WIP, so feel free to critique. The final is due next Thursday (Oct. 2) but I'd love to improve anything I can before then.

Sep 8, 2008

OK, I lied.

I implied that I would only post once today, but this couldn't wait.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was an animation student. That student was pleased to find that he could enroll in an advanced animation class, taught by a new faculty member who specialized in character animation. He went to the class and was able to get into it with ease. It was generally exciting and spent the entire class with an expression of childlike joy pasted on his face. The glee was oozing so much out of every pore that after class he went to the department meeting and hugged half the people who showed up.

And his classmate thought this was amusing indeed and decided to document the event with a poor likeness:

Zoo + killed sketchbook

Yup, I killed a sketchbook. July 22-August 25, probably my fastest sketchbook killing ever. So! While I have a lot of crap piled up to scan and post, today I will start by offering the last page of my old sketchbook along with my "best of zoo August 2008" collector's JPEGs. :P

And on to the zoo! :D

And then a page of memory sketches from afterwards.