Feb 20, 2012

and another one

Krogan-rules football comic. I need to do more original stuff, but fanart is great to practice on :P

Skyrim comics

One of the things I like about games with independent moving parts is the way that a given encounter's timing and context come together to imply a story. Sometimes the actual scripted stuff is memorable, too X)

Jan 1, 2012

BWD launch

Well, I've been completely quiet here for some time now. To some degree, this is because I've been haunting Tumblr more these days with my sillier doodles. Another big timesink has been the Four Kingdoms webcomic, which incidentally launched today. Hence, this post.

The comic's official title is now "Beyond the Western Deep." It'll follow the adventures of Quinlan the squirrel (and his best buddy Dakkan the otter) as they're drawn into a political crisis in the already unstable world of the Four Kingdoms.

This is my first stab at doing a webcomic, so I hope to learn all kinds of awesome things along the way. It will update daily this week as a sort of launch party, and then settle into a weekly Saturday update schedule.