Sep 24, 2009


I'm still working on that comic, but I made a breakthrough in coloring and thought maybe y'all would want to see.

The top panel was done earlier this year. Somehow I thought it was looking pretty good. Can't imagine why - it's overwhelmingly Pure Green, flat, boring, what have you. Even the character's costume and fur color seem doomed to blend into the background.

Several months of practicing digital painting in my personal work later, we get this second attempt on the bottom. I'm much happier with it - it implies an actual mood and time of day, while doing it with a much more appealing and realistic color scheme.

Yay practice! Maybe someday I will be good at this, after all. :)

* Want to see the full pages, with a more detailed explanation? Check out my corresponding post at the production blog for our comic!

Sep 17, 2009

more summer sketchbook!

My last bishopric was fun to draw.

FHE trip to the Bean - live reptile show!

Sep 4, 2009

stupid fanart time!

Team Fortress 2 + Lackadaisy. What is wrong with me. :|

Especially since I have seen "furry" versions of TF2 characters in fanart before and they invariably freak me out. They just look wrong as wolves or tigers or whatever. Perhaps it's because I'm seeing the character crossover more than the species change here?

On the other hand, I had all kinds of fun painting this. :B

Aug 29, 2009

sketchbook update!

I'll start off with this drawing I made of the Hinckley building while waiting for the fireworks on July 4. Yay... not avoiding drawing architecture!

The rest of these are my favorites from the two zoo trips I took in August. They have FOSSA (pronounced "foosa") as the temp exhibit now, you guys. They are like a mix between cougars and weasels and they are AWESOME.


baby giraffe and cheetah

birds and a sloth

The little jubilant "me" in there is happy because I'd never seen the red panda awake before.

This tiger knows he is a fine beast.

Aug 21, 2009

100th post?

That's a lot of posts! It's so crazy!

And it's been forever since my last post, geez. Wanna see the holdup?

It's my storyboard from Ryan's class this past semester! 8|

It took so freakin' long to post because as I timed it out in video form, I noticed more and more things that were wrong with it. Which made me less and less motivated to finish, but eventually I decided I'd just post it and move on. I'll have to suck less on my next one, though I did do better at pulling out the camera this time. *sigh*

Also I have a sketch page of the little hurt snail I took in a week or so ago. His shell is thickening back up, actually, so I can release him before I leave for Ohio on Sunday. And stop snickering, Jake and Anthony, I can hear you from here. >:|

That's all for now, though I do tend to catch up on all my summer sketching now that I've finally thrown out that storyboard as promised. Looks like all my dA links broke too somehow, dagnabbit.

May 13, 2009

Animals, for realz

Even more zoo drawings!! What a surprise!! I am going to post my boards from the final in Ryan's class soon. Really. :P

Apr 30, 2009

a weird observation that came to me today

We watched bits of Young Frankenstein today in Cynthia's animation class. And every time Gene Wilder smiled, I kept getting weirded out.

Here's why:

Apr 9, 2009


Stubbs the armadillo, gettin' down wit' it! ...What do you mean it's not awesome?

EDIT: Ew, Blogger Video. Just ew.

Here, check out this link for better visuals, even if they do come without the appropriate music.

Apr 2, 2009

John Held's Lackadaisy!

So I decided it'd be fun to draw Lackadaisy characters in John Held Jr.'s style, since he was popular during the '20s and that's when the comic takes place.

Not a perfect representation, but fun to draw nonetheless.

Mar 31, 2009


I don't even know where this came from.

I can make tiny little lines with my new brush pen. It's awesome.

Mar 20, 2009

A couple critters

This has been a full week, so Wednesday night I finally made time to play in Photoshop.

This dude is a forest shaman. He knows all kinds of um... arboreal secrets. And he can probably sic trees on you too, so I'd watch my step. Unless you have some of those baby carrots on hand - then he'd probably love you forever.
I don't even know what to call this thing. But he sure likes to kick that ball around.

Mar 15, 2009


Recently my ward had a Formalish Dance Thing.

I went mainly for the food and sketching, because both are more fun than dancing.

Feb 26, 2009

ranting comic

Yay rude people in church.

This is pretty much all that happens if you make me mad... unless you do a spectacularly good job of it.

Feb 25, 2009

*incoherent snarling*

We did Batman boards for Ryan's class, which was fun and awesome.

Also, this thing showed up in my sketchbook a couple weeks ago. I don't know why I drew it, but it was fun.

Feb 24, 2009


I'll post some art next time. I'm not this time because I don't want to distract from...


Just click on the .swf file when it loads, and use the arrow keys to navigate. It really inspires me to try something like that... in a cool, McCloudian kinda way. (there are some swears)

It also has a FOLLOWUP ... which gets bonus points for making fun of Twilight.

Enjoy. :)

Feb 16, 2009


Finally got back on the gesture train - these are from a couple weeks ago.

Feb 11, 2009

Advertising boards - Trunk Monkey

Done for Ryan's class.

Yayy sap :D

I went for cute because the trunk monkey concept seems to invite slapstick humor... wanted to try a different angle. But now I feel like I have to redeem myself with something hardcore. Good thing the Batman storyboard assignment is next.

Feb 9, 2009

Ready... FIGHT

This was done a while ago. I don't think I'd ever watch cage matches or mixed martial arts fights on my own, but they do provide a good opportunity to do 1) gestures, and 2) muscles, both of which I'm always open to.

Feb 6, 2009

I believe we have a birthday boy here somewhere...

So! Here's the story.

I drew this like last week, when Michelle told reminded me your birthday was coming up.

And then for the next few days, you were always in the lab, which is the only opportunity I had to do any Photochopping.

Which is why this is late.

Jerk. ;)

Jan 26, 2009

More sketchbooking

This week I went to the Bean again. I wanted to try drawing from life by first blocking the silhouette in marker, then using a white pencil to define form.

I liked the way these turned out, but I cheated by putting outlines in after I was done. And I also went on an otter binge, because I've ever seen their stuffed otter before.

Here I did it the way I wanted. And you see, Laura, I do failtastic drawings all the time. I just don't usually put them on my blog. (but as these actually show what I was trying to do here... I have no choice)

And Saturday evening I sketched mountains in the twilight drizzle - same method, basically. I love how the air clears out when it rains.

Jan 22, 2009

Character Design Final... and stuff

And here was my final lineup. I wasn't nearly as pleased with them as I wanted to be, but I suppose they're fun enough.



Comic sidekick

Love interest

(had to turn in another too, but it blew chunks so I'm leaving it out)

And as a bonus...

Memory sketches of my cats. 'Cos them cats is fun to draw.