Jan 22, 2009

Character Design Final... and stuff

And here was my final lineup. I wasn't nearly as pleased with them as I wanted to be, but I suppose they're fun enough.



Comic sidekick

Love interest

(had to turn in another too, but it blew chunks so I'm leaving it out)

And as a bonus...

Memory sketches of my cats. 'Cos them cats is fun to draw.


Merc said...

Those are awesome; I love the stylization for your characters!

Anthony Holden said...

Nice work, Rachel!
(word verification: "gretst"--even blogger thinks you're great)

Jake Wyatt said...

MAN, I wish you would NEVER clean up your stuff. Ever. Beautiful sketches.

The Rabidmilkman said...

Great characters! They got soul.
I love the environment piece as well. Nicely done!

CoyoteLion said...

I still likes your characters. And your kitties. Floofy Hobbes.

Will Strong said...

Love that bird. Fun cats too.