Apr 25, 2011

TMNT?! What a surprise!

I think there's something about ink that makes me want to draw ninja turtles.

I also found a cute way to draw 'em while I was sketching around, haha.

...It was a little while before I could get them out of my system.

Apr 14, 2011

"Rider" storyboard

Been working on my boarding - here's a short story!

Click on the link, then the SWF, and you can navigate with your arrow keys (or the buttons provided)!

Any and all critique y'all may have is welcome!

Mar 4, 2011

Cats and violence

It's what I do, right?

Sketchbook page of our 15-pound cat, Lily. I bought an inkbrush to try, and I'm loving it. Toned with watercolor and gouache.

The event log from my current game of Dwarf Fortress: adventure mode. I'm playing a dwarf covered in shields (not shown) and weapons, and yet I slew the leader of goblin bandits by throwing a giant cockroach I found in a cave.

This game is ridiculous and I love it.

Feb 17, 2011

Some random arts!

I realize it's been some time since I posted, so let's throw some drawings around!

A tribute to Mr. Brian Jacques, the man who shaped my childhood and taste in fiction. He died of a heart attack on the 5th.

In which I biff crocodilian anatomy. My excuse is I didn't have internet (and thus reference) at the time, but I guess it's kinda cool anyway.

Attempting to learn how to use watercolors again. This time I come armed with paints that are dark/rich enough to allow actual value contrast.

Aaand some more Mossflower boards, of a pretty short scene. It's a warmup for a much longer scene that will probably take me months to finish. >:)

Jan 25, 2011


Warning: Another stupid late-night drawing idea incoming!

So, yeah.

It's a dragon breathing BEES.