Apr 14, 2011

"Rider" storyboard

Been working on my boarding - here's a short story!

Click on the link, then the SWF, and you can navigate with your arrow keys (or the buttons provided)!

Any and all critique y'all may have is welcome!


Matt said...

Wow. That was.... awesome. Some epic stuff right there. Are you gonna develop (fully animate it) at all or something because, well... wow.

Rem-Brant said...

Hey nice! You've got a nice variety of shots and perspectives (the expansive aerials to the ground-level scene at the end).

Rachel said...

@Matt: Thank you! I'm not sure whether a completed animation is in the cards as I'm currently focused on storyboarding, but that would be fun. I do hope to at least time out an animatic before too long.

@Brant: I'm glad to hear you say that! Shot variety was definitely something I was paying attention to for this one.