Jan 26, 2009

More sketchbooking

This week I went to the Bean again. I wanted to try drawing from life by first blocking the silhouette in marker, then using a white pencil to define form.

I liked the way these turned out, but I cheated by putting outlines in after I was done. And I also went on an otter binge, because I've ever seen their stuffed otter before.

Here I did it the way I wanted. And you see, Laura, I do failtastic drawings all the time. I just don't usually put them on my blog. (but as these actually show what I was trying to do here... I have no choice)

And Saturday evening I sketched mountains in the twilight drizzle - same method, basically. I love how the air clears out when it rains.

Jan 22, 2009

Character Design Final... and stuff

And here was my final lineup. I wasn't nearly as pleased with them as I wanted to be, but I suppose they're fun enough.



Comic sidekick

Love interest

(had to turn in another too, but it blew chunks so I'm leaving it out)

And as a bonus...

Memory sketches of my cats. 'Cos them cats is fun to draw.

Jan 12, 2009

Agni Kai!

This started as a "love note" exchange (done at a church function every Sunday) and, while it stayed weekly for a while, rapidly got out of hand. What we ended up with is something incredibly geeky and criminally insane fun - an agni kai (or fire duel) between our two zodiac characters.

Me = fire tiger snake of Justice
Michelle - fire rabbit lion snake

Before you click any images, I recommend you open this music in a new tab (for atmosphere):

OK. Go.

Jan 7, 2009

Travels, 08-09

Done in the airports as I flew from Utah to Ohio and back this Christmas break.

Hanging out in SLC airport...
from SLC to Cincinnatti...
from Cincinnatti to CMH, in a puddle-jumper airplane.
Return trip (CMH-Cincy), tried to capture the awesome lighting scheme above the clouds... with only limited success. It was beautiful in real life.
I will be posting my final images for last semester's character design class, but not right now. :P