Apr 30, 2009

a weird observation that came to me today

We watched bits of Young Frankenstein today in Cynthia's animation class. And every time Gene Wilder smiled, I kept getting weirded out.

Here's why:

Apr 9, 2009


Stubbs the armadillo, gettin' down wit' it! ...What do you mean it's not awesome?

EDIT: Ew, Blogger Video. Just ew.

Here, check out this link for better visuals, even if they do come without the appropriate music.

Apr 2, 2009

John Held's Lackadaisy!

So I decided it'd be fun to draw Lackadaisy characters in John Held Jr.'s style, since he was popular during the '20s and that's when the comic takes place.

Not a perfect representation, but fun to draw nonetheless.