May 28, 2010

More nerdery, I'm afraid. :T

Recently I've been drawing some of my friends' original TF2 characters, because OpenCanvas is such a fun sketching/painting tool. The practice I'm getting out of this is rad and useful, even if the subject matter still makes me a hopeless nerd.

Michelle and I got to draw together the other night thanks to OC's networking feature. We gave each other shapes to turn into characters. This is some kinda of undersea volcano monster.

May 27, 2010

May 1, 2010

more griffin story!

Yup! Still working on this thing-that-might-hopefully-become-a-comic-or-something. I actually just had a major breakthrough on some huge story problems recently, which drove me to draw all kinds of concepty things for it. And then tonight I decided to have some me-time and play around in Photoshop with them. Here's a couple images - more to follow later (sketches are all scanned, I just want to splash some color on more of 'em!)
Did a quick paintup of a major location in the story, as well as a tiny little map of the island/small continent/whatever the story all takes place on. There are also tons of little notes everywhere, but the fog is covering up some of 'em.
Some further notes on the city and its inhabitants.