Sep 24, 2009


I'm still working on that comic, but I made a breakthrough in coloring and thought maybe y'all would want to see.

The top panel was done earlier this year. Somehow I thought it was looking pretty good. Can't imagine why - it's overwhelmingly Pure Green, flat, boring, what have you. Even the character's costume and fur color seem doomed to blend into the background.

Several months of practicing digital painting in my personal work later, we get this second attempt on the bottom. I'm much happier with it - it implies an actual mood and time of day, while doing it with a much more appealing and realistic color scheme.

Yay practice! Maybe someday I will be good at this, after all. :)

* Want to see the full pages, with a more detailed explanation? Check out my corresponding post at the production blog for our comic!

Sep 17, 2009

more summer sketchbook!

My last bishopric was fun to draw.

FHE trip to the Bean - live reptile show!

Sep 4, 2009

stupid fanart time!

Team Fortress 2 + Lackadaisy. What is wrong with me. :|

Especially since I have seen "furry" versions of TF2 characters in fanart before and they invariably freak me out. They just look wrong as wolves or tigers or whatever. Perhaps it's because I'm seeing the character crossover more than the species change here?

On the other hand, I had all kinds of fun painting this. :B