May 17, 2008


Huzzah for zoo trips! Here are the sketch pages that resulted, in the order they were drawn. Only a couple truly horrible failures were Photoshopped out; the rest remains intact.

My favorite part of the learning experience was finally not failing really hard at the elephants and rhinos. Their facial structures have always eluded me... I also learned something very significant about elephant body shapes that I somehow have missed up to this point. :P

And without further stalling, the drawings!

May 14, 2008


Some stuff happened in my sketchbook this week!

I got a job! So after my first day (Thursday) I doodled this up. 'Cos I felt like it, I guess. Commentary is always fun for me.

And church the following Sunday. I always hate it when I do a page in a sketchbook and the very first things I draw are the best.

The only bad thing about work is I get home tired... I haven't worked on my griffin comic in over a week, and I have only made slight progress on the other comic I'm working on.

Too bad days can't magically be 36 hours long.

May 5, 2008

The first 6!

Pages of my griffin comic, that is. That's a full half of 'em!
I think I'm going to try to do it the traditional way - ink and paper all the way - mostly due to the fact that my computer is acting old and sick. Or something like that. So these are just the pencils... and in real life they're red. :P

May 2, 2008

My first colored picture after my laptop's first Great Crash in April, and posted by request of some of my Avatarded friends.

Also, I kinda like how the water turned out. Colors look sorta wonky on this monitor (because Rippy's acting kinda dead again) though.

Also also, she actually looks kinda female. That's always an exciting accomplishment for me.