Dec 18, 2008

Animation studio 2 final

There are still a few inbetweens (at the end, mostly) that I wish I had time to do, but my character design final is beckoning and this is Good Enough. This time tomorrow, I will be watching me some Avatar and eating the things I avoided tonight because I was afraid they'd put me to sleep.

Dec 9, 2008

Mountains! And a little storyboard thing!

Painted this when I got home from work today. You can click on it to make it bigger, but... well, one day I will paint things that look just as good full size as they do as thumbnails. ;)

Also, I finally finished a side project that's been going on since summer before last. Had I not lost use of my computer this April it probably would have already been done, but I recovered my files last week and was able to finish at last.

It's based on a book series I was reading at the time but should be fairly easy to understand without knowing much about anything at all. It just means the 8-13 year olds who read the series have really enjoyed it on Youtube thus far. :S

Also I would like to note that I planned this long before I even set foot near the Kites project. D:

Dec 4, 2008

*sings * I want to break free-ee...

This is what happens when cleanup in Flash starts to melt my brain (and my throat starts to hurt) at work.

And then I stayed extra to finish what I was supposed to be working on, but I figure I needed the animation break. For sanity's sake, of course.

EDIT 12-12-08: now with a better bow at the end!

Dec 3, 2008

Character Design - emulation

This week I tried to draw like
Juanjo Guarnido

Claire Wendling

Mike Mignola

I also got called out on not really getting out of my comfort zone on this one. Which, seeing as two of these are existing characters of my own that I tried to throw into other styles, is true. Oops. At least the drawings themselves went over really well in class. *shrug*

I may play around some more and resubmit some attempts at things that I'm not comfy with. Like Wendling-girls. But we'll see how much time I have for that.