Dec 9, 2008

Mountains! And a little storyboard thing!

Painted this when I got home from work today. You can click on it to make it bigger, but... well, one day I will paint things that look just as good full size as they do as thumbnails. ;)

Also, I finally finished a side project that's been going on since summer before last. Had I not lost use of my computer this April it probably would have already been done, but I recovered my files last week and was able to finish at last.

It's based on a book series I was reading at the time but should be fairly easy to understand without knowing much about anything at all. It just means the 8-13 year olds who read the series have really enjoyed it on Youtube thus far. :S

Also I would like to note that I planned this long before I even set foot near the Kites project. D:


Anthony Holden said...

Nice, Rachel--this painting and your animatic.

Will Strong said...

That's a nice little study. Aren't landscapes just grand?

The Rabidmilkman said...

Beautiful landscape. Happy trees.

CoyoteLion said...

hehe, those 8-13 year olds! :D I still love the warrior's thing so much. I went and watched it again about an hour ago and felt all warm inside.

Laura said...

nice painting!
I'll have to wait till later to see the video though. Still on campus...le sigh.

Owen Johnson said...

Hi Rachel. I love this painting great style do you do computer based versions as commissions? O:)