Feb 17, 2011

Some random arts!

I realize it's been some time since I posted, so let's throw some drawings around!

A tribute to Mr. Brian Jacques, the man who shaped my childhood and taste in fiction. He died of a heart attack on the 5th.

In which I biff crocodilian anatomy. My excuse is I didn't have internet (and thus reference) at the time, but I guess it's kinda cool anyway.

Attempting to learn how to use watercolors again. This time I come armed with paints that are dark/rich enough to allow actual value contrast.

Aaand some more Mossflower boards, of a pretty short scene. It's a warmup for a much longer scene that will probably take me months to finish. >:)


Celtic Traveler said...

That storyboard is incredible! I am completely blown away!
Keep up the fantastic work

JAKE said...

MAN. I don't think I love ANYTHING as much as you love sword-weilding mice. And I'm glad you do. 'Cause this is some great work.

Naomi Chelsea said...

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