Feb 11, 2009

Advertising boards - Trunk Monkey

Done for Ryan's class.

Yayy sap :D

I went for cute because the trunk monkey concept seems to invite slapstick humor... wanted to try a different angle. But now I feel like I have to redeem myself with something hardcore. Good thing the Batman storyboard assignment is next.


The Rabidmilkman said...

Very nice.

Will Strong said...

That's quite tender Rachel. I can feel your sincerity. Way to be trying the diffficult stuff.

CoyoteLion said...

D'aw! I wish Koko was MY trunk monkey. This is all sorts of awesome, and it made me smile. And it's not at all sappy.

Merc said...

Very sweet! Nice job. :)

Laura said...

sweet. I wish I had a trunk monkey.

Now, if we could combine this with Kory's monkey, you could just set a demon monkey on those mean boys!