Aug 29, 2009

sketchbook update!

I'll start off with this drawing I made of the Hinckley building while waiting for the fireworks on July 4. Yay... not avoiding drawing architecture!

The rest of these are my favorites from the two zoo trips I took in August. They have FOSSA (pronounced "foosa") as the temp exhibit now, you guys. They are like a mix between cougars and weasels and they are AWESOME.


baby giraffe and cheetah

birds and a sloth

The little jubilant "me" in there is happy because I'd never seen the red panda awake before.

This tiger knows he is a fine beast.


Claire Gordon said...

Your zoo sketches make my zoo sketches want to curl up and die.
Brilliant stuff.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Great stuff. Love the boid.

Anthony Holden said...

Wow! I've never seen the Red Panda awake--he's always perched in that same spot, napping in the tree.

George H. said...

Heh. I've seen appox. one awake red panda and that was the fleeting glances at Central Park Zoo who knows when. Awesome to see ye capture one in the sketchies.

And zoo sketchies in general are made of win.

CoyoteLion said...

You saw the Fussa! *Napoleon voice* LUCKY! I need to get up there, if not only to see the Fussa, but to see the baby giraffe, baby elephant...and I think there was another baby born too. There's usually always baby meerkats when I go. those little guys are cute. Awesome drawings. You are the master of sketching.

Jake Wyatt said...

Maaaaan. You REALLY get the cats. Envy.

Chelsea Stebar said...

These are fantastic, Rachel. Love the glowing cheetah. lol

prashant said...
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