Aug 21, 2009

100th post?

That's a lot of posts! It's so crazy!

And it's been forever since my last post, geez. Wanna see the holdup?

It's my storyboard from Ryan's class this past semester! 8|

It took so freakin' long to post because as I timed it out in video form, I noticed more and more things that were wrong with it. Which made me less and less motivated to finish, but eventually I decided I'd just post it and move on. I'll have to suck less on my next one, though I did do better at pulling out the camera this time. *sigh*

Also I have a sketch page of the little hurt snail I took in a week or so ago. His shell is thickening back up, actually, so I can release him before I leave for Ohio on Sunday. And stop snickering, Jake and Anthony, I can hear you from here. >:|

That's all for now, though I do tend to catch up on all my summer sketching now that I've finally thrown out that storyboard as promised. Looks like all my dA links broke too somehow, dagnabbit.


Aaron Ludwig said...

Heard legends about the snail (from Michelle). You're a good soul.
Love the storyboard! Lots of fun. I'm always torn when people post these things-- cuz I always wanna see what happens next. Sigh...

Anthony Holden said...

Digs on the boards. And who's laughing at you taking in a snail? Maybe just Jake, 'cause it's not me.


Will Strong said...

Now why don't more people draw snails? Great job.

CoyoteLion said...


McKathlin said...

Awww...cute snail! Snails make me happy. :)