Jan 14, 2008

January Journey

On the way home I was also itching for something to do (after all, it took three separate flights to get back), so I wrote a visual journal entry of sorts, projecting everything onto Ravan because griffins are fun to draw.


CresceNet said...
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Jake said...

RACHEL. If you don't print a comic with us, I will never be your friend again. This post was AMAZING. Just do a griffin story in pencil and we'll print it. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!!! Good. I'm glad you conset.

Anthony Holden said...

These drawrings knock my socks off (and they're wool socks, which is saying a lot, for what it's worth). Thanks for your advice on my little animation--I was actually thinking the same thing after watching it over and over. I'm gonna make the hand coming out a little slower and methodical, and the pull-back more springy. Thanks for caring!!