Sep 9, 2010

Hooters gotta hoot!

Not long ago, I stumbled unexpectedly into the fact that owls are awesome and amazing amounts of fun to draw.

Check out the Striped Owl. They are gorgeous birds. I went kinda nuts and drew a whole ton of them.

And barn owls. I like how their silhouettes looks headless when they fly.

Now I suppose it's time to play around in some other styles for these critters. What fun! X)


Claire Gordon said...

Rachel, these are RAD. I love the personality you put into these guys. Barn owls are some of my favorite animals and I love your drawings of the birds.
Also, I don't care how lame the Guardians movie will be. It has owls fighting each other in battle armor. That's worth seeing.

Chelsea Stebar said...

Wow, these are SO gorgeous! Really great, solid drawings and they're so adorable. I wanna take em home with me forever.

RainCoyote said...

Oh! I love the one in the rain! His expression is priceless! You never cease to amaze me with your incredible drawing skillz of an artist. :)

On a random side note, my sister is freaked out of owls for no apparent reason. Also Pheasants. Yeah, it's strange...

Rachel said...

@Court: Barn owls can be creepy in the right lighting, but I have a hard time seeing scariness in the others! Odd what different people get creeped out by.

@Claire: I haven't seen anything yet that makes me worry too much about the Guardians movie (except that the dialog looks like it'll be rather cheesy). I'm at peace with the plot tweaks I can see thus far, though I'll still be wary.

I think the only thing I'll require from it is that my favorite owl (Twilight) must be awesome. X)

@Chelsea: Thanks. c: I kinda really want a stuffed owl for my room after drawing all this stuff...

M.R. Weaver said...

I luff them.
And I luff your draw-dings of them.