Nov 15, 2010

storyboardin' critters

Well, for a bit now I've been working with a group of Redwall fans who want to try to make a fan-created, feature-length version of Mossflower, which is hands-down my favorite book in the entire series. I do have lurking doubts at our ability to pull out a finished product, but right now this is the best side-project ever for me.

And why is that, you ask?

The answer is STORYBOARDS! :D

The group setting provides excellent motivation to do regular boards, which is helping me practice not-sucking. I also get to teach a lot, since pretty much everyone is younger than me and hasn't really done this before. So even though it's me drawing the stuff I always like to draw, it's been good for me on tons of levels.

Here is a scene I recently finished - the first real scene in the film. As with all "finished" things, I have located a bajillion flaws already. Perhaps my buddies who read this blog can help locate a few more, haha!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see someone out there trying to help the younger people. Hooray for teaching!

>excellent motivation to do regular boards
I assume that also means sticking to deadlines. :)

Story Weaver said...

Poor Ben! Poor Goody!
Mossflwer was always my favorite redwall book. I can hardly wait to see it brought to life!
Do you need any voice actors?

Rachel said...

Haha, it's true! I have stories bouncing around in my head all the time, but somehow being obligated to others makes working on projects much easier! X)

Jake Wyatt said...

Of COURSE this is the best project for you. Keep us posted!

Alaïs DuBois said...

ditto with Story Weaver! Good job!