May 4, 2007

Clear! *zfwump*

*cough* Yeah, this thing needs a little bit of a jump start. I'll be posting the best of my sketchbook pages from these last couple months in the next week or so. In the meantime, here's my final project for Ryan's class... I decided to storyboard the first scene of one of my favorite Redwall books, heh. It was fun, and doable in the shortened project time.


Chris Welch said...

Wow!! This is super cool stuff! Is this what you want to do for a career? Storyboarding? You do an excellent job at it!

Rachel said...

Thanks, dude. I actually wasn't sure if this was any good (if only I'd got it done sooner so Ryan could critique it at me) but the people I show it to seem to like it.

Storyboarding certainly is fun, though. I may have to consider it as a possibility.

Story Weaver said...

It's absolutely amazing! it's just how I pictured it! When they make the move they'll need you for the storyboard!