Apr 30, 2008

And thus began Spring

As the process of moving often churns old things to the surface, I ended up flipping through my sketchbook from last winter semester this morning. I've been pretty discouraged about my abilities and progress as of late, to the point where I don't really believe people anymore when they compliment me on something I've done.

But at the very least, I know I draw a lot less clumsily than I did a year ago. And that makes me feel pretty good. I'm still moving forward.

(Moving forward, heh heh. *shot*)

And I don't know how much of this I should show, but this is some concept work from the "other comic" I've been working on. The one where someone way cooler than me is doing the actual writing. Just as a "Rachel has in fact been working lately" proof.

A dusty old feline scholar. I love his face but his outfit looks way too Redwally for our purposes.

A little character lineup - the three main heroes from the beginning, and the villain. We were able to fit my otter dude into the script - he's second from the left. Go Dakkan!

I do need to light a fire under my griffin pages though. Just to put into whatever portfolio I decide to take to Comic-Con. They'll be awesome, once I get started actually drawing them.

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Clairictures said...

I love those characters, they've got such personality and spunk!