Apr 10, 2008

Life + gestures!

This guy was helping direct people at the conference center Sunday afternoon. All of their "guest service" staff had hats. Some looked like elderly gangsters, some looked almost Amish. Innnnteresting.

Does anyone else go into complete tunnel vision when you're walking places? People will say hi to me and expect me to notice them. It always looks like maybe I'm a LITTLE DEAF or blind. And sometimes I'll notice them a hundred meters off and try not to stare at them the whole time.
Maybe I need help.

And these are the more successful drawings from the gesture session last night.

1 comment:

Jake said...

Man, a few of those drawings of a girl I presume to be Laura are SUPER-awesome. They breathe, man. Also, the comment about your amazing ability to walk around inside an impervious force-field that dulls your senses explains so much of our interaction. So it's not just me after all...