Jul 5, 2008

More from the Bean!

Having acquired the Art of Kung Fu Panda book, I am also working on copying Nicolas Marlet's drawings, to get a feel for why they rock so hard. Po is easy and fun to draw, but Tigress is unexpectedly difficult (mainly the head, where I run into my usual difficulties with drawing females... and also trying to fit all the stripes on her face and still have it resemble the character). That makes it all the more fun, of course... yay challenge.


Clairictures said...

Very nice, I love the wolves.

Chelsea Stebar said...

These are awesome. I especially like all the wolves and bears. But I've always rather enjoyed big carnivores like that. And I heart bongos. They are magical.

Alex said...

I like the bear. Yeah, that's a nice bear.