Jun 30, 2008

Fiery Fangs of Justice!!!

We're coming up with superhero versions of ourselves at work, and I was having the hardest time coming up with anything.

Until I threw rationality out the window and stopped avoiding the Obvious as far as the type of power I'd have. And stopped being afraid to be totally ridiculous.

And then I threw some random Latinish things together into a name.

So I give you:

And then I decided that I need to learn to paint better in Photoshop. Oh well.

EDIT: Oh yes! Stats!

*Strengths: Long attack range, high damage factor (imagine being bitten by FIRE), bonus damage vs. Grass types :P
*Weaknesses: Attacks ineffective underwater or in rainstorms. Costume subject to ridicule from the unenlightened.


Jake said...

Man, you were supposed to pick a power you don't ALREADY HAVE. Cheater. Like, I could have drawn an image of "Unusually Loud and Abrasive Voice Man," but did I cop out? No. No, I didn't. And neither should YOU.

Chelsea Stebar said...

Very nice. Fire bending much?

Rachel B said...

But Anthony gets to have Nose powers... *sulk*

Also, I totally didn't think of firebending until after I'd painted it, surprisingly. I guess it combines firebending and catbending into one super power. And yet, keeps my total lack of fashion sense... :|