Jun 25, 2008

Only Mostly Dead

My laptop has been randomly working every so often during the past week. Last night I was bummed because my family went back home, so (Rippy being cooperative and all) I drowned my sorrows in Photoshop.

This was what happened. I was trying to recreate an awesome lighting scheme I saw a few weeks ago, but exaggerated everything. Not sure if the exaggeration worked, but it felt so good.
This monstrosity was a warm-up drawing at work. I tried to come up with the most disgustingly cute thing possible. Anthony said it put Lisa Frank to shame, so maybe it was a bit successful.

I also have some new sketchbook fun, but that will have to wait until I get to a scanner.

1 comment:

Jake said...

Well, I like it! My only complaint? Where are the mer-bunnies?