Jun 16, 2008

Tales from the Bean

Leaping Leopard! This fella is awesome! I clearly have stayed away from the Bean too long! Mounts with... gesture?!
Leopards vs. Jaguars
If only I'd been able to fit the whole thing on the page. This fella rocks. And he was fun to shade.

I just love the motion and realism in that stupid stuffed lion!
And afterward I applied what I learned to a "leopard" I drew last week.

As a final, unrelated note... I've had the Kung Fu Panda score on loop on imeem for the past couple hours and am still loving it. 8)


Clairictures said...

I saw these on DeviantArt, but they are just as cool here! Very nice, I have to go check the bean out one of these days.
Isn't that soundtrack awesome?? I especially love "Tai Lung Escapes"

Jake said...

Okay, okay. Okay. I haven't had time to give you a blogger shout-out in a while, so I need to go back a ways.

Hiro the Awesome Dragon lives up to his name. Does he have a story? 'Cause THIS is a comic I'd like to see in PRINT. Or a short film. Or somethin'. Anyway, he is pleasing both in motion and at rest.

Your watercolor prowess shames us all, and brings honor to your family, proving you will bear many sons.

As always, your drawrings are full of life, personality, good design, and joy.

MOSTLY, though you are officially the FIRST PERSON EVER to make me want to go draw in the Bean, man. It is SO HARD to make those animals live (I know, I've tried) but you make it look not only POSSIBLE but FUN. Call me up next time you go. I want to see you throw down.

Rose Ledezma said...

Nice work

Anthony Holden said...

Rachel, every time I stop by here I am reminded of how totally awesome you are--and it makes me want to try as hard as I can to be awesome, too. Thanks for being inspirational!