Oct 20, 2008


These are the rest of 'em. Ryan thought these were very successful, which gave me warm fuzzies.
Pyroman: His passion for saving people is only second to his passion for watching (and causing) burning things. Ryan wanted to see this dude in color; I'll probably post an updated version sometime in the future.

The Puppy Punter has allergies. Which would make her acting out understandable... if there were no pills that could help her deal with it less violently.
This is the Owl... but with slightly sexier shading.


Anthony Holden said...

My vote is with the puppy punter!

Jake Wyatt said...

That fireman has GREAT expression.

Scarlet Verdeja said...

yeah, the fireman is CRAZY!!! but awesome!!!

CoyoteLion said...

AUGH! No kick puppies evil puppy punter woman! I mean--that one cracked me up! I love the expression on the puppy's face. It's like he doesn't even care! And I love the idea for the pyro fireman. Classic!

The Rabidmilkman said...

Hopefully the Owl will save that poor puppy. Awesomely creative stuff!