Oct 8, 2008

A Self-Centered Post

because it's my birthday today!

First up, my zodiac conglomeration: Fire Tiger, born in hour of the Snake, who is also Libra, = FIRE TIGER SNAKE OF JUSTICE. (sue me for the copout - inanimate objects aren't fun to incorporate into a design) This fella exists because of Michelle, and we have been having a healthy note/comic battle for several weeks now. Ask me about it if you want to see it.

Also, my self-caricature (and wacky expressions) for character design class. Ryan liked it (while pointing out that my eyes are bigger and my ears higher on my head), so it can't suck too bad?

Still, the expressions are kinda terrifying. When we were taking reference photos Monday, Ryan kept telling me to emote more. My face doesn't stretch all that much - I think most of my real expressions are eye-dependent.


Anthony Holden said...

That face on the far right--the one with your mouth wide open--made my day.

Kory Hubbell said...

fun stuff... I like the tiger snake fire guy. not sure i get his motivation, but i'm sure he kicks butt when he wants to. too bad he's contributing to global warming.

CoyoteLion said...

Haha! That far right expression is my favorite. youz are psycho!

and I still like your fire snake tiger. And the drawing battles you and Michelle are having. Very funny!

Laura said...

It's true I've never seen you do a gape like that. But that don't make these any less awesome! Good job, Rachel.

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Holy cow, did ANYONE know about this? We should have sung to you or something this morning! bugger.

Aaron said...

Love the character design... I'm not sure I know what you look like, but based on these, I'd recognize you if I ran into you (and if you were screaming for your life).
Happy Birthday by the way. As a present, I will link to your awesome blog (so both my readers can enjoy your work too).