Jun 16, 2010

main characters and thumbnails!

These two are going to be the main guys in my comic. Randy is a greenie fresh from flight training. He comes into conflict with "Red," who is pretty much the viewpoint character of the story. Red has lost his best friend in a recent mission, and when Randy gets assigned to his buddy's old bunk, he has a lot of trouble dealing with that. We're also going to see another (maybe both) of the other guys in their flight, who still need to be designed. I'll probably just grab 'em from the other concept sheet I drew; they don't figure into the story much.
I do have the whole thing thumbnailed out. For a "short" story, 19 pages is an awful lot. However, I'm going to be doing pretty simple coloring, so it should be manageable. Jury's still out on how much color will make it into the thing.

And for some more fanart derpiness, have a silly pinup I did of the black Heavy Weapons Guy I designed. Clearly I need to go back and study anatomy again, but the painting was fun. And retro-style propaganda is also fun.


M.R. Weaver said...


I am so stoked for this comic you have no idea... even though I keep trying to tell you how stoked I am. X)

Jake Wyatt said...

YESS!!! I was just wondering about the progress on this yesterday! Because when I'm not thinking about comics that I recently read, recently drew, or want to draw, I think about the comics I want other people to draw.

Thank you for drawing it.