Jun 25, 2010

Mouse Guard!

Again I am up late doodling around. But I have some words to say, too!

This week, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard #2 came out. The Legends of the Guard series is a chance for some other artists and writers to get to play around in David Petersen's Mouse Guard world by doing some short stories. And it so happens that the first story in the #2 issue, "Potential," was written by my buddy Alex Kain, who happens to also be the writer for our Four Kingdoms project. The sweet art was done by Sean Rubin. So if you like Mouse Guard, I'd advise you check it out! Here's a site with some nice preview images.

Which brings me to the doodle, which is of Kenzie from the main series. :)


Merc said...

Nice Kenzie pic! :D

Celtic Traveler said...

Oh, I LOVE Mouse Guard!
I'm definitley checking out the Sean Rubin pics.

M.R. Weaver said...


Those are some nice looking preview images too.

Tessa and Joanna said...

Awesome pic of Kenzie! I loved Sean Rubin and Alex Kain's story in issue 2 as well.